You May Know Us From the Stage Series

25 part DD series Containing years of footage
15 selected chapters Free to view online only on!

Look for your faces because this will be from a fan of the band perspective and if you were at a show or were filmed by Dan in the last 8 years, chances are your mugg will make it on screen!


Chapter 15: “The End of the Beginning”

Chapter 14: “Dez”

Chapter 13: “Trailer”

Chapter 12: “Tension”

Chapter 11: “Boecklin”

Chapter 10: DevilDriver are F#%&ING Nang!

Chapter  9: “The Last Kind Words”

Chapter 8: “Miller”

Chapter 7: “On The Rise..”

Chapter 6: “Mike Spreitzer”

Chapter 5: “Mike and The Fury”

Chapter 4: “Touring Begins”

Chapter 3: “Jeff Kendrick”

Chapter 2:  “Pt. 1 & 2”

Chapter 1: “The Beginning Pt. 1”